BUILD 0.68

Hello, space cowboys!

We’re happy to show you the summer build and want to tell you about the new content and the improvements we have made, and also about the bugs we got rid of—thanks to your feedback as well. (more…)


Hello, friends!

In our last article we started telling you about a new UI, and now we’d like to give you more details about the latest changes. Regretfully, despite the huge work we’ve already done, these changes won’t go in the nearest build—nevertheless, we’d like to share the results with you and will be happy to hear your feedback.



Hello, friends!

While we’re preparing a new build, we’d like to tell you more about the things we’re working on right now and what changes await you in the game — and not only there.


BUILD 0.67

Hello, friends. April is over and we release a new update. We want to tell you about the improvements in gameplay, new quests and changes in game design.

But before we come to the list of changes, we’d like to tell you that we have started developing our Discord channel where we publish almost daily unique updates, tell about the game development and share interesting working materials that nobody sees. Here you can also leave your feedback about the game, share your ideas and interesting content, and also ask your questions to the team and get the answers.


BUILD 0.65

It’s the end of February, so another monthly update is already here.

Hey cowboys! It’s the end of February, so another monthly update is already here. What’s new, you ask? See for yourself.


BUILD 0.64

A new quest, visual and gameplay improvements

The long holidays are over and we are eager to show you the results of our recent work. This update contains less new quests or gameplay features but lays solid foundation for further major improvements coming up this year.




Hey, folks. There have been no updates for a long time but it is time to break the silence and make an important announcement.

As you know we are working hard on the brand new starting location and testing a great deal of new features and other things at the moment. Many of them are already implemented and some are still work in progress to be added in a few months. This is a huge step forward but it definitely needs some testing before the release. Thus, we feel the necessity to share our progress with you and to show you what we’ve managed to achieve so far. It’s time to raise the curtain.



Hello, dear friends! We were absent for quite a while, but it’s only because we continue to work hard on the new version on Exoplanet’s starting location. The goal of this process is to make your first steps in the game as comfortable as possible. The changes we make are based as on our own observations as well on players’ reviews, because we always listen to opinions of community members and ready to face the criticism.



Hey folks! Christmas is here, and we want to celebrate it with you. We are really glad to be here and it would be nice to make a small contest to play out some Exoplanet’s keys.

So if you feel like doing it, just follow THIS LINK and participate. Come take you gifts if you can!