BUILD 0.72

Hello, friends!

We hope your year started really well — and we’re excited to tell you all about the new update. This year we’re planning to show more progress in the improvement of the game — we’ve analyzed the experience of the previous year and expect to considerably speed up the process of development. And now let’s see what improvements and changes await us in the update 0.72!


Important reminder: with 0.72 all the saves from 0.71 might be broken, that’s why we made an additional branch on Steam for those who still want to play 0.71. Right click on the game in your library, Properties, go to Betas tab and then choose update_071, no password required. This way you can continue your previous game if you want to.


We keep working on the fighting system and have added a knockdown animation into the game. Now Jack as well as NPCs will find themselves lying on the ground if they get some serious damage — for example, from a shotgun or a rifle. The same effect is caused by kabarogs’ attack — now you have one more reason not to let them come near you!

If you touch an anomaly you’ll also be knocked down — and it will be completely unlucky if the enemy is somewhere near.

There was a lot of feedback that Jack’s running animation doesn’t look so well. We’ve made one more step to fixing it so don’t hesitate to tell us how you like a new variant!


We go on refining the quests so they would be not only interesting and diverse, but would tell players more about different aspects of life on planet K’Tharsis. That’s why, for example, we’ve changed the quest “Find Curious” a bit — now there is a new area for exploring. What do you think this place is and what is it telling about?

The bottom of the trench under the mining town has become much more interesting to explore. Now there’s the difference of heights and pieces of land — and, of course, alien bugs who were the fastest to appreciate the new landscape!

The Hermit’s zone has also changed — we’ve renewed the sanctuary of the sky demons, Now it significantly differs from other sacred places of abori, demonstrating the difference between cultures. The sanctuary reminds of the times when a lot of spaceships used to land on K’Tharsis. Nevertheless, this version is not final, so feel free to tell us what you think!


There is a new event in the game! Now you can see the fight of two patrols — Sculphunters and Outcasts — in Lucky Hole! You can join one of the groups or wait until they finish their showdown or just wait until they finish each other!

Already existing quests have also improved. So, for example, Rusty is ready to teach Jack not only to fry meat — there are more recipes and more treats at the end of the quest. The quest about searching his friend has become more complicated and controversial. All the dialogues with Rusty were rewritten and have become more dynamic and easy to read, and the prize for completing the quest is much more valuable and will influence the opportunities in the game.

Jack will have more opportunities to interact with the gang of Dusty Devils. And our character will have to be much more attentive — we’ve remade the place of the ambush a bit and it’s become more dangerous!


The interface of the game keeps changing. We’ve made new stylish context icons which appear when you have to open the door, talk to an NPC or, for example, crawl through the crevice. We’ve also simplified the system of loot, shortening it to one button “take all” — so give us feedback if it’s really more convenient.

The interaction with objects has also significantly simplified. Now when you bring the mouse to the object, the information about all possible interactions appears. This system is not final, so write in the comments how clear the tips are and if you can see them well enough.


We keep working on speeding up the game – and now the processes of loading a new gamу or the previous save have really improved. Thanks to reducing unnecessary processes, the loading will become 30% faster. But make sure to inform us if that’s not so!

That’s all for now. Hope you’ll like our update — and we’ll try to delight you with new improvements. Thanks for your support! Don’t hesitate to leave your feedback in the comments or in our Discord — and see you!