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We continue to tell you more about the world of the game and now we’d like to pay more attention to the planet K’Tharsis. In the previous post dedicated to the setting we deepened a bit into the history of the planet, and this time we want to share how exactly it was discovered and why it has such a motley population.

A bit of history

K’Tharsis would remain a wild planet forever but for captain Brennigan who had to make an emergency landing on an unfriendly looking planet. A precious mineral called antigravium brought fabulous riches to the captain, but he hardly managed to use them. Very soon the poor guy was found tortured to death in his new villa. And the news about antigravium Klondike spread across the galaxy with the speed of light.

K’Tharsis became the most desired aim of adventurers of all kinds including criminals and outcasts. Right after them the planet was invaded by corporations, and the biggest of them was called Terraform. To get antigravium these people never hesitated to resort to violence, having no mercy both for people and for kvargo — native population of the planet.

Kvargo was a great race that once degraded after the cataclysm. They were quite controversial about people who came to their planet. Some part of them believed that if they possessed human technologies, they could restore the greatness of the past. Others suspected that people from the stars would bring only suffering, so they had to go back home.

Nobody knows how far this confrontation could go. But suddenly the war in the galaxy makes most of the corporations go home — the planet becomes cut off from civilized worlds. Besides, the antigravium has almost come to an end, so most corporations leave the planet without any remorse.

Who inhabits K’Tharsis?

  • Kvargo, separated into multiple tribes. Most of them do nothing but small robberies, but two tribes — Outcasts and Scalphunters — are still trying to restore their former greatness. The first ones are trying to study and adapt human technologies, and the second ones are devoted to their gods and want to cope on their own.
  • Miners, who believe that their business will come alive again — and Garry is a bright representative. Such guys don’t leave hope to get their business to life — though they hide it behind the rudeness and cynicism.
  • Mercenaries, bandits and smugglers who hide from the police and bounty hunters in the grey zone.
  • Simple inhabitants, people and abori, who didn’t manage to get away on time — or who didn’t have such opportunity. Somebody just tries to start from scratch. Others want to escape from the shadowy past and are ready for everything to keep their secret safe.
  • Terraform corporation, much smaller now, but still quite powerful to reckon with it. It’s not that famous in some distant places like The Edge, but the situation will be different in bigger settlements.

That’s why one of the biggest dangers is the inhabitants of K’Tharsis who used to live according to the laws of the frontier. And that’s why you have to keep your eyes open. But you can find an approach to any of the factions if you are attentive enough.

At the moment in the game you can see only a small part of K’Tharsis history — it’s not very easy to show such a considerable lore through the exploration of the world. But we work on it step by step adding more and more elements revealing the history of K’Tharsis. And what would you like to know about K’Tharsis? Write in comments and make sure to drop by our Discord to discuss the game and just chat!

See you on K’Tharsis, friends!