Hello friends!

While the final touches are being made in update 0.73, we would like to introduce you to two new enemies! Previously, we filled the desert and the Edge with the few mobs that were completed. Due to this, the uniqueness of the species might not have been as apparent. However, now that we have more models, we can distribute them according to habitat zones, making the fauna of K’Tarsis look much more logical. Here’s what we can tell you about the behaviors and characteristics of the two new animals.


You can encounter this mob both in the desert and in the savanna, and it will take some effort to deal with them!

The dog is a pack animal, very agile, fast, and maneuverable. Due to the peculiarities of its body structure — especially its long jointed legs — animating it was a real challenge. And now the dog can run, chase prey in accelerated mode, jump on its victim, sniff around, and much more. By the way, the short front paws, with which the animals operate quite well, deserve special attention.

By the way, the dog impresses not only with its quite eerie abrupt movements but also sounds very menacing!

Due to the speed of the dogs, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to keep them at a distance for long, so for now, dodging in a jump will be very helpful in fighting them. However, as the combat system is further developed, new, more interesting possibilities will appear.


Remember the chubby lizards clumsily rolling from side to side? Now they will be replaced by a completely new mob — fast, agile, and ominous.

Crucases will still inhabit predominantly dark, damp places — there’s plenty of them in dungeons, for example. But they have adapted to the desert just fine, though they tend to stay in the shadow of rocks. These animals are very mobile — they jump a considerable distance and strike with their long front clawed paws. They can also loop, skillfully dodging bullets. The bite of a crucas is poisonous, so it’s better to avoid it if possible — or at least stock up on something that can restore health.

The sounds that the crucas makes are particularly impressive in the dark. However, even in the light of day, this mob will make you flinch from surprise! By the way, in the future, we plan to add a long-range attack to the crucas, an acid spit that will need to be dodged. It will also be wise to stay alert when exploring tombs or caves — these animals thrive there in abundance!

That’s all bout new mobs! We hope they will impress you when you meet them on the wastness of K’Tharsis, Share your impressions in comments and make sure to drop by our Discord!