Hello friends!

While we’re working on the next build, we’re excited to share some details about our roleplay approaches in the game and how we’re implementing them.

You may know about the three pillars of a roleplay system: killing, stealing and talking. All of them are performed in our game. Let’s have a look at how you can solve problems and do quests using them!


As a space western Exoplanet has a variety of weapons — and don’t hesitate to give them a try! Force is the most popular way of solving problems on K’Tharsis. And to give them a more cowboy look in future updates we’re planning to add new animations!

K’Tharsis is a cruel planet, so sometimes it may be much easier to intimidate NPCs, and if it doesn’t work — be ready to face consequences! Some quests lead you to places where negotiations are not an option, so the choice is either stealth kill or plain aggression. And of course, from time to time you’ll have to pick sides — so be careful and make sure you understand what expects you when you choose who you want to fight!


Not everyone will do as you please and give you what you want. And if you say that it’s not the reason to grab your gun — you’re right. You can always use the system of stealing instead! So feel free to sneak among your enemies, take what you need, even from their pockets, and vanish into the vastness of K’Tharsian savannahs! By the way, we’ve improved our stealth mechanics — in the next update Jack will be able to hide in high grass!


This way may come surprisingly effective! If you earn the trust of locals, you may discover more secrets of the planet, learn how to get to some stashes or just find out something new about K’Tharsis dramatic history.

Of course, you hardly ever play using only one style, and our system is designed in a way to reward flexible players by providing the richest experience. In the dialogues there are options for showing your knowledge of science or survival, being convincing and eloquent or even being intimidating enough for bloodthirsty Scalphunters. And if you feel that you’ve made the wrong choice picking up skills in the beginning of the game, don’t worry — there are a lot of options to learn what you want. Even A.N.N.A can help you there!

So don’t hesitate to try different styles of roleplay and share what you think — we still have a lot of work to do and your feedback will help us make it much better! To follow the changes, join our Discord channel, leave feedback, subscribe to our page on Steam and—the main thing—add the game to your wishlist!