Greetings, space cowboys!

Today, we’d like to talk to you about one of the most essential aspects of space western — the combat system. It’s quite an extensive and complex topic, but we’re steadily approaching the final version. Today we’ll tell you how we’ve improved the impact effects for both melee and ranged and share our plans on diversifying fights with a new system of perks.

Character reactions

We want to make character reactions to damage visually impressive and appealing. Therefore, we dedicate a lot of time to achieving believable combat visuals.

In previous updates, we introduced hit animations for different body parts. Now we want to enhance character reactions to damage and associated negative effects. To create the right impression, we have replaced some animations and continue refining the “status effects” system. We are also gradually increasing the importance of stamina, allowing you to have better control over your fights.


Fights in our game are not just about strikes; they involve clever combinations and sometimes even dirty tricks. To help you create a unique fighting style, we have developed a special perks system for your character, Jack. Do you want to increase damage resistance with Iron Skin? Rain a hail of bullets on your opponent? Or knock them out with a cunning kick? The choice is yours!

By the way, if you have anything to say about our perk system, feel free to comment or join our Discord – we really appreciate your feedback!


It’s great when characters have proper reactions during combat, but they’re not enough for a complete picture. That’s why we have made melee hit registration much more accurate and added visually striking effects.

We have transferred blood decals to PBR (Physically Based Rendering) — now, when characters are hit, drops of blood proportionate to the inflicted damage will fall to the ground. Blood will also appear on the ground during bleeding effects.

Melee combat animations have undergone significant improvements. The backswing is accelerated, followed by a deceleration for telegraphing the upcoming blow, the blow itself is accelerated, giving you time to react, dodge, or parry. Dynamic changes in animation speed will make strikes look more powerful, enhancing the impact sensation, while improved minor details will add authenticity.

As for the sounds, they correspond to the materials involved in each impact. A metal pipe to wood, a wooden stick to glass, an antigravium shard to stone, and so on – each pair has its own character to make the environment more tangible. At the same time, the sounds of flesh impacts have become crisper and more powerful.

We have also corrected the swing timings for all of our melee weapons – now every related sound is synchronized with the character’s actions.


To add depth to battles, we have implemented a system of levels for all enemies — both animals and humanoids. Their level will determine their damage, speed, stamina, and other parameters. You can only see an enemy’s level after scanning, so don’t forget to do that before engaging in battle!

By the way, humanoid enemies will have the same abilities as the player. They will correspond to one of the four combat skill archetypes: a melee fighter with a focus on agility or strength, a gunner, or a sniper. This will make battles more unpredictable — the enemy’s strength and fighting style will depend on both their level and skill progression.

Shooting like a cowboy

We have also paid attention to Jack’s shooting animations. His stance now closely resembles that of a cowboy, adding a touch of authenticity. Instead of holding the pistol like a regular police officer, Jack now shoots playfully, extending his arm, while still hitting the mark perfectly!

These are just a few of the combat system changes awaiting you in the next update. They already significantly improve impact and, we hope, add much needed realism. Please let us know how you like them – your feedback will greatly help us understand how successful we’ve been in enhancing the immersion in the game. And be sure to check out our Discord for all the latest development news!