Hey folks! Christmas is here, and we want to celebrate it with you. We are really glad to be here and it would be nice to make a small contest to play out some Exoplanet’s keys.

So if you feel like doing it, just follow THIS LINK and participate. Come take you gifts if you can!


Hey folks! I know you’re waiting for a usual content update before holidays and Steam Winter Sale since there were no releases since September but here I am with another dev blog.

Don’t be sad, I’ll make it worth your while with important announcements and a few sneak peeks of a really big upcoming update.



Welcome, dear Castaway,

under the torrid sun in the comfortless desert of K’Tharsis.

Maybe you got here by accident or perhaps trusted the wrong people, but now your spaceship is gone and there’s no way you can go back home. Do not despair and take some time to look around because we, aborigines of the World of Exoplanet, are glad to welcome you on our planet!

It took some time, it took longer than expected but here it is, the latest site in the World of Players, dedicated to the game Exoplanet: First Contact developing by Alersteam!

We’d like to express our gratitude to everyone who helped us with the website, and commit to keep you, dear players, posted about everything that happens with the game. Also, a forum to the site is provided where you can contact us, discuss news with other fans and even share your ideas and feedback with the devs themselves.

If you like this site, please tell others about us. This way, we all together will be able to reach everyone in the world of players!