Hello, space cowboys and cowgirls!

The Major Update 0.70 is coming very soon, so it’s time to speak about the most interesting part—new quests which wait you in the game.

Update will add about thirteen brand new quests. Most of them can be completed in different ways. Now Jack can finish the story on The Edge—which means it’s high time for him to move on!

You have several options about how to leave the Edge: fixing Harry’s hoverbike, making an agreement with Herbalist or solving the conflict between the Outcasts and Scalphunters—both tribes will be happy to help Jack on condition that he will rid them of their enemies. But don’t forget that every choice has its consequences.

We have also reworked some of the already existing quests adding new ways to complete them or simply changing their logic, and have also fixed some bugs to make your gaming experience as smooth as possible.

That’s all for now about the quests, but it is time to conclude the results of another key raffle in our Discord! Congratulations to the winners of this week:


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See you in space, cowboys and cowgirls!