Hello, friends!

While we’re preparing a new build, we’d like to tell you more about the things we’re working on right now and what changes await you in the game — and not only there.


Especially for those who like to follow the process of development we publish unique updates in Discord almost daily, in #devblog channel. There we share the freshest works and will be happy to get feedback or an interesting idea from you. You can also get some answers to the questions about the game right from the development team.


We work hard on the Edge, adding a lot of new content and we also improve assets that already exist in the game. And at the same time we work on a considerably bigger location with the town and a canyon.

We make a lot of small changes that improve the general look and atmosphere of the game.

Working on the sky—creating clouds and working on their interaction with the sunlight.

A bonus for those who love watching the stars. We’re improving the night sky of K’Tharsis by adding nebulas and constellations.

We’re creating new concepts of plants to make biomes richer.

You already can see some of them in the game, not in the final variant though.

We substantially redo mobs of K’Tharsis giving them a more alien look. That’s how, for example, crucas will change:

Remember the shark from our old demo?

We also considerably changed it and are ready to show you new concept arts. This monster will go to the desert very soon!

We have also added a new powerful monster called alpha to the game.

We’re thinking of putting more difference into the population of K’Tharsis—looking for new shapes and styles for abori.

One of the most important processes is the work with colours. So we’re trying many variants of painting for different assets.

We’re also working on the replacement of the UI for a long time and experimenting a lot, trying to find an interesting combination reflecting both sci-fi setting and a cowboy theme.

Within this change we also did some work with the dialog box and made it more stylish and qualitative, and also more comfortable for the eyes.

A great deal of work was dedicated to compiling icons with new UI—here are the first attempts of stylization.

This is just a part of changes—the team is adding new content into the game all the time. To stay in touch join our Discord channel, leave feedback, subscribe to our page on Steam and—the main thing—add the game to your wishlist!