Hello guys! Today we want to show you some demo stuff from the test build that showcases one of the important moments. If you are a hardcore RPG fan then you, of course, know that in many games of this genre there can be situations when you accidentally or purposely kill some important NPCs who can supply you with needful items or are important for the game’s plot.

The most common cases are the merchants — when you kill one of them in Neverwinter Nights, for instance, you can’t simply rob his store after his death and take all these wonderful things he offered: the goods just disappear. However, there are some more serious examples.

In S.T.A.L.K.E.R. if you kill the stalker named Wolf before he gives you his quests, you lose the opportunity to receive those quests in any other way. In Risen and Dragon Age: Origins there are some NPCs who may be killed not by the protagonist but by monsters, and their quests related to them become incompletable, too. In Fallout: New Vegas you can slaughter the whole factions, losing the opportunity to complete the missions which are tied to them while in Fallout 2 the whole locations may remain unavailable for you if you kill some plot-important NPCs. And don’t forget how many times you saw this in Morrowind: “With this character’s death, the thread of prophecy is severed. Restore a saved game to restore the weave of fate, or persist in the doomed world you have created”… Also, Skyrim, where many NPCs are randomly generated, is probably the most bright example. When you meet one of them, you can kill him without a single word, loot his corpse and don’t even ever know what you may get from this character if you wouldn’t do this.

Unlike in Skyrim, in Exoplanet: First Contact we are trying to give players absolute freedom in their actions and decisions. It means that we are planning to make it possible for you to find another way for obtaining quests if you will accidentally or deliberately shoot, stab or beat to death one of the important quest NPCs.


In the attached video you can see Jack Sharp’s encounter with Clinta, a K’Tharsian bounty hunter who gives Jack a few quests. This time Jack wasn’t lucky in his attempt to assassinate Clinta and fell dead himself but things would turn out different, would he be equipped better while the player would prefer immediate experience points and loot instead of long journey and exploration. With which exact ways will you receive the quests if you kill NPC related to them? Well, you can learn about it by yourself when the time is right.

The main point is that we don’t want to tie the players as it happens in some other RPGs, we would like to give and show them all they may want to take and see, no matter how they would wish to act in the Exoplanet’s world. We are very interested to know your opinion about such an approach. What do you think?